What Virat Kohli said to AB de Villiers after he proposed to Danielle?

South African cricketer AB de Villiers is an absolute charmer on the field. The way strikes the ball and the way he grabs stunners on the field is a delight to watch. Also, it is worth noting that the dynamic cricketer is quite a charmer off the field as well. Back in 2013, he had swept his love of the life off the floor by proposing her at the Taj Mahal.

The iconic Indian monument is a symbol of love.

Recently, in an episode of the series ‘What the Duck’, AB de Villiers recalled the big moment. He had his fans getting overawed by the dream proposal.

AB de Villiers & Virat Kohli

In an interesting revelation, AB revealed that Virat Kohli had come up to him back then and remarked that he has set the standards too high for the other players after such a lovely proposal.

“I remember Virat told me when I got back, he’s like you are raising the ball way too high for us! But I think he did a pretty good job now with Anushka,” AB de Villiers recalled.

“That was a very special time in my life. I surprised Danielle completely, she would have never thought about it. And could not have done it at a more special time than that,” he recalled further.

The big plan
Recalling the moment, AB de Villier revealed that he had it all planned for a long time.

He asked the photographers to dress up as security guards so that they could capture the moment when he proposes Danielle at the Taj. The plan worked very well and his proposal was a super hit indeed.


“About a couple of months, leading up to the IPL, I was obviously planning and got the ring and all of that. And I decided to do it there.


And once I got to the IPL, I got “security guards”, who were actually photographers and videographers to film the while thing.

But I told Danielle I got to travel with security guards. So that’s why they’ve got to to go with us. And it ended up to be a great surprise and I got it all on camera,” de Villiers remarked.

On his Indian fan base
Furthermore, AB de Villiers remarked that he feels humbled to receive so much love from the cricket fans in India.

He noted that he loves coming back to India and Bengaluru is like a second home to him. He added that he loves playibg cricket in India and absolutely love the people of India.

“It’s a bit crazy and humbling at the same time. I don’t how it all happened.

But yeah, I love coming here, I love the people of India. Love the different kinds of foods, love playing cricket here and obviously it’s a huge privilege to have a fan following here,” a humble AB de Villiers conceded. Detroit Lions Authentic Jersey

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