The love Position You Should Be Trying Based on Your Star Sign

We all got mad skills in the bedroom. It’s just a question of finding the action that fills both your mind and body with pleasure

1 Aries – Cowgirl

Like a jack-in-a-box, you love to be on top, writhing up and down. Why? Because you’re a natural born domme. Is that bad? NO.
The great thing about this variation on cowgirl is that your partner can pretty much chill (if they want), they get a proper view of your body AND they can let you do whatever you like. You can take control by leaving you to it as you grind or move up and down, or they can take control by lifting you up and down and guiding your motions.
Everyone’s happy!

2 Taurus – The Praying Mantis

This position is called the Praying Mantis (maybe withhold that info when you introduce it to your partner). Good news, Taurus: it’s SUPER EASY.
You lie back, put a (comfy) pillow under your lower back, and sling one leg over their shoulder, with the other to the side, as your partner kneels between your legs. It’s maximum access for clitoral AND G-spot orgasms, nipple fiddling, caressing, and the choice of circular or grinding hip action.
I wouldn’t dare call you lazy, Taurus, BUT this is probably maximum bang for minimum buck. Which is how you like it.

3 Gemini – Added extras

Don’t feel left out, Gemini, because you don’t get a position. You’re a versatile creature and it’s likely that any one sesh will include a variety of tricks already. What sets you apart is your imagination, and, importantly, your ability to use words to bring that to life. Don’t be shy. Invent role play scenarios and characters or up your dirty talk game. It’s win-win for both of you.

4 Cancer – Oral sex

There’s something about Cancerians and oral sex. Is it the moon’s influence? Is it the affinity, as a Water sign, with the sea (i.e. salt water *cough*)? Is it your intensity and commitment towards your partner? God knows. But you can try mixing things up by starting off slow. Massage them through their trousers. When they’re history, stroke and kiss their legs and groin before you finally take them into your mouth. They will be all a-quiver from the get-go. Don’t forget to keep things wet. Saliva can be enough, but don’t be shy of using flavoured lubes. Wet and warm = O-Town!

5 Leo – Doggy style

Leos have a *thing* about their hair and their bums. So, why would it be different in the bedroom? Doggy may be a bit of a classic sex position, but there are many ways to switch it up. You can ask your partner to spank you lightly, if that’s what you’re into. Or, if you want to be entirely selfish – ask them to use shallow thrusts in this position. This way, they’re likely to last a lot longer (hurrah!) and the shallower the thrust, the more heightened the pleasure for you. The first three inches of your vagina are the most sensitive, so these small thrusts will be verrrry stimulating.

6 Virgo – The quickie

Glacial, cynical, judgmental Virgo. My friend, you’re a precise, perceptive and pristine creature. Underneath all that, you’re DYNAMITE.
Play to your inner urges and tell your partner you have to have them here and now. Show your S/O how much you really desire them, and they will rock your world in return.
This position, Get It Up, is perfect for a passionate quickie: With one leg over your partner’s shoulder, they’ll be putting pressure on your G-spot and leaving their hands free to stimulate your clitoris, too. Plus, if you pop a cushion under your butt they’ll be able to penetrate very deeply, so it’ll probably be a quick finish for everyone

7 Libra – The Erotic V

What’s cute about this position, and therefore perfect for Libran lovers, is that nothing is stopping you kissing each other all through the action. And Librans luurrrve kissing.
They kneel down, legs stretched out behind them, and you wrap your legs around theirs while they hold you up by the bum. S’all about the bodies being pressed up against each other.
It encourages a slow, penetrating grind, which also tickles (*ahem*) your fancy (read: clitoris) nicely.

8 Scorpio – Standing 69

Scorpio, for you a position of great technical difficulty, given your superior sexual powers! Achieve this one and glow with a (not so secret) smugness at your prowess and skill. Perhaps you will need another Scorpio to help execute it as they will understand the mission for superiority. Scorpios Assemble!
Support your weight by resting your thighs on your partner’s shoulder s while they hold your waist. You can also reach down and put your hands on the floor so you’re doing a headstand while getting head!

9 Sagittarius – Reverse Cowgirl

Naturally energetic and adventurous, you’re ready and willing to take on the more demanding positions. And this one is going to be pretty hard on your thighs (but totally worth it, ofc).
Him thrusting from underneath, with you hovering over and sliding up and down onto him, plays with the idea of control and creates a raw, primal kind of sesh. It also makes it easy to switch from front to back door play, if that’s where the adventure is leading. (Always remember never to change from anal to vaginal penetration without changing the condom or washing first!)

10 Capricorn – Bucking Bronco

Capricorn, you’re a bit secretive and you’re also a bit fixated on the idea of control. As such, this lap based position gives you a double thrill. Firstly, you can try it in relatively exposed places and get the thrill of being both *seen* and *not seen*. Secondly, you’re on top – albeit in a different kind of way because your partner will be seated.
Keep your clothes on, but push your knickers to the side to tease your partner with the offer of something forbidden. And then you can grind, circle and push down for the angle, speed and depth of penetration that suits YOU.

11 Aquarius – Edging

We’ve established previously that Aquarians are *different* to other people; your mind travels on parallel rails, and there’s an attraction to what others might think of as weird or perverse. We love ya for it! Edging can be your secret weapon for longer-lasting and more intense orgasms. Let your partner bring you right up to the point of no return, and then, just stop. Give it a few minutes to come back down to Earth, and then repeat. Delaying intimacy can intensify the sexual chemistry tenfold. It helps to reboot your sexual imagination, reignite the spark, and provokes more talking and a deeper mental connection. Which is what REALLY turns you on. A meeting of minds, before the meeting of bits.

12 Pisces – The Shard

Sex positions don’t have to be hard to be good, and this easy little number is great for delivering intense orgasms. Music to your ears.
Lie on your back, raise your legs high and push your thighs together to squeeze those pelvic floor muscles (this will feel so great for your partner, trust!). At this angle, it’s the perfect position to hit your G-spot and deliver incredible, internal orgasms.
Pisceans are stimulated by intimacy, emotional connection and deep sensation so this low leaner is a great go-to.

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