Sachin Tendulkar brutally lashes out at Shahid Afridi for his tweet

Shahid Afridi’s controversial tweet on ‘India’ occupied Kashmir hasn’t gone down well with the Indian public including the cricketers as well. While Gautam Gambhir absolutely thrashed him with a ‘retarded’ comment, the likes of Suresh Raina and Mohammad Kaif also voiced their support for their nation. Even the Indian skipper Virat Kohli weighed in his opinion in favour of his country.

However, the former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has also come up with a strong statement over the matter.

Afridi had urged the United Nations to stop the killing of innocent people in Kashmir which is occupied by India. The tweet wasn’t in a good taste as he tried to blame the Indian Army for all the riots in the State.

The Indian fans were absolutely miffed with the legendary cricketer even as few of the current cricketers expressed their disappointment over his comment thereby supporting the Army Men of India.

Sachin comments on the matter

While the highly sensitive matter of Kashmir is already sparked for the debate, Sachin Tendulkar now has slammed Shahid Afridi by terming him as an ‘outsider’ while speaking to ANI.

He believed that India has got the capable men in their ranks to manage and run their country and cleared that none of the outsiders needs to suggest them on what should be done.

“We have got capable people to manage & run our country. No outsider needs to know or tell us what we need to do,” he said when asked about Afridi’s controversial statement.

Afridi, however, had responded to Gambhir’s aggressive response about spreading love all over the world but the outrage has been such that the debate is not stopping anytime soon.

Now with the legend Sachin Tendulkar also having his say on the issue clearly suggests that the Indians have taken this matter seriously enough. Julian Edelman Authentic Jersey cheap sildenafil citrate 100mg.

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