ICC makes a big statement after the Steve Smith controversy

The ball-tampering scandal shook the cricketing fraternity. Questions were raised when the ICC handed just one-match ban to Steve Smith and fined 100% of his match fees. However, Cricket Australia went on to hand bigger punishments when they announced year-long bans for Smith and Warner.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has commissioned a wide-ranging review into player behavior, the spirit in which the game is played and the Code of Conduct.

The ICC will look into the standards expected from the players while on the field and also the penalties for violating the rules.

It is inclined towards reviewing the levels of offense based on seriousness, more clearly defining the conduct that will constitute each offense and review the sanctions that should apply to the various offenses.

ICC to review their code of conduct for ball-tampering
“There has been significant debate over the last few weeks around the behavior of players and the leniency or otherwise in some cases of the associated punishments.

The match officials work within the framework of the current ICC Code of Conduct and sanctions are applied according to that. To go outside of this current framework would be to disregard the rules.

This is an opportune moment, therefore, to shape what the game looks like in the 21st century and take a much broader look at the issues currently facing the sport and consider

how we define what it means to play within the spirit of the game.” ICC Chief Dave Richardson was quoted as saying by midday.com.

Cricket is a gentleman’s sport and must be played within the spirit of the game. The players are expected to adhere to the laws of the game and be accountable for their actions on the field. Richardson also thanked Cricket Australia for their support in the ball-tampering saga.

Cricket has hit rock bottom and it would take some time to regain the faith of the fans and supporters. ICC is inclined towards reinstalling the lost faith back among the followers of the game.  next day viagra uk. Henri Richard Jersey

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