There are around total 10 types of vaginas in the world. All of them have different and shapes and characteristics. Read on to find out the type you have.

1. The super-dry vagina

So, these types of vaginas are always dry even during sex. You can’t slip into them without lubricants. They’re your life saver. Stress and tension are considered a reason for dry vaginas.

2. The one that smells kinda strong

From the total 10 types, every vagina has a certain smell. But these vaginas are kind of smells strong when their natural pH level is compromised. So, you should get yourself checked. Because better to be safe than sorry.

3. The super-tight vaginas

Super-tight vaginas can also be called virgin. They’re tight because they never go through the activity of making it loose and flexible. But it gets better with a little sexual exercise. If you know what I mean.

4. Lush and relaxed

These types of vaginas are a total opposite of tight vaginas. They’re used to sexual activities which make them wide and relaxed. It doesn’t hurt much as something slips into it.

5. The pouty one

We are all familiar to pouts nowadays. Few vaginas love selfies so much that they shape like pouts. Also, it is enjoyable for your man as it looks extremely kissable.

6. The flexible flower

Yes! Few girls really have such flexible vajajays and they perform incredible ticks with their lady bids. And they make men go crazy for them.

7. The zen maestro

Okay, so these vajayjays are so obedient to their masters. They do whatever their girl ask them to do. Therefore, those girls don’t understand the typical V problems. Lucky right?

8. A little fuzzy

Few girls prefer bushy Vs because they love the way they were created. And don’t wish to fit in other people’s demands. Therefore, they keep them bushy.

9. The landscaped valley

These types of vajayjays are kept total smooth and clean. Their owners know how to maintain them. Hats off!

10. The super-small one

These types of vajayjays are a total pain in the ass. They’re too small for anything and you have to get through so much pain in order to make it a little loose and relaxed.

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